About Us

Renowned for its leading edge expertise across hair, make-up and styling services, Face & Grace’s success is driven by Charlene Warwick whose creative vision and commercial sensibility remains legendary since she entered the industry in 1998. Charlene’s hard work and dedication to her art has been a pivotal factor in the agency’s success and in no small way accounts for Face & Grace’s impressive track record, having worked with many of South Africa’s top brands, celebrities and advertisers. Charlene is a make-up artist and hairstylist who has spent many years working in the entertainment and media industry, including a long-term posting as a freelance beauty journalist for two of South Africa’s top women’s magazines. Face & Grace specialises in providing experienced make-up artists and hairstylists at reasonable rates, to all kinds of productions and events
“Imagination is the beginning of creation. You imagine what you desire, you will what you imagine, and at last, you create what you will” – George Bernard Shaw

Charlene Warwick

Charlene Warwick is the owner of Face & Grace Make-up Agency, which offers professional hair, make-up and image consultancy services. With over fifteen years in the fashion and beauty industry, Charlene is able to apply her expert knowledge and creativity to every project undertaken. She has built a solid reputation among top brands, celebrities and advertisers for her exceptional talent and immense passion for her craft backed by a strong work ethic.
Charlene has worked with numerous theatre and television productions over the years and has been commissioned to perform hair and make-up on an on-going basis for fitness competitions hosted by well-known names such as USN and WBFF as well as the annual Photo & Film Expo.
With a long term posting as Beauty Editor for Fitness Magazine as well as many free-lance articles in beauty, fashion and make-up for publications such as Sarie, Longevity, Living & Loving and Essentials Magazine, Charlene makes a point of staying current with trends and techniques in the industry.
As an image consultant, she has been invited to talk as a guest speaker at a number of events, including Women's Day functions at Standard Bank and the Kelly Group.
Her most recent work includes make-up for this year's SAMAs, AKA Music Video Congratulate, Monte Casino’s new publicity campaign.

Theresa Bouwer

A Bohemian Gypsy at heart, Theresa’s unconventional approach to make-up and beauty is refreshing. Theresa is a complete make-up addict; she adores her air-brush, loves false lashes and has a colour fetish. Theresa’s natural perfectionism, friendly attitude and many years of experience in the industry have made her an excellent member to have on any creative team.

Annelien Coetzee

With over 10 years in the industry as a make-up artist and beauty therapist, Annelien specializes in Studio and Bridal make-up, bringing quality and professionalism together seamlessly. With a big smile, tons of passion and a delicate personal touch, Annelien never fails to deliver on any production.

Tanya van Niekerk

With 9 years experience in several fields of her profession Tanya has worked 
with some of the best in the industry . She has a solid reputation as a bridal 
makeup artist and has been the preferred makeup artist for several wedding 
venues, with over 200 weddings under her belt. With her tremendous talent 
and outgoing personality she is consistently booked as Stylist and Image 
Consultant for not only print and photo shoots but also as a guest speaker, 
trainer and production manager. In addition she contributes her artistic skill to 
women of all ages and professions for personal makeovers and styling and 
has had the privilege to style over 150 personal clients and re-asses their 
wardrobes. Her latest work includes giving motivational talks to destitute 
women and helping them feel better about their self images. Tanya challenges
herself every day in hopes of sharing her vision of modern transformation and 
beauty with women everywhere.