Brush Up on Brushes

Make-Up brushes can be found almost everywhere and in so many different sizes and shapes it can all get rather confusing, so if you don’t know your blending brush from your powder brush, then brush up your knowledge with this top guide to transform you from clueless to confident...

Foundation Brush:

The first brush in your arsenal of professional make-up tools, a foundation brush will help you to create a truly flawless foundation. It has tightly packed bristles with a tapered tip. To test the quality of your foundation brush, rub the bristles across the back of your hand, going against their grain. If the brush still lies smooth and flat against your skin, it is a good brush, if the bristles splay outwards when you do this, then you can be sure that this brush will not give an even application.

Concealer Brush:

A soft bristled, flat brush with a wider base and a pointed tip. This brush is used to apply concealer under the eyes, to cover blemishes and to camouflage problem areas such as pigmentation.

Powder Brush:

A large, rounded brush with bristles designed to pick up the perfect amount of product and distribute it flawlessly onto the skin. This brush is best used with compact powder. Remember to always shake away any excess powder before sweeping onto the skin.

Fan Brush:

With very fine bristles shaped like a fan, this brush is ideal for applying a light dusting of powder on the skin as well as for sweeping highlighters and bronzers onto the face. This application technique avoids heavy coverage which can highlight fine lines and imperfections. These brushes also make a great “broom”, sweeping away excess eyeshadow that may fall under the eyes after eyeshadow application.

Blusher Brush

Often confused with a powder brush due to their similar design, the blusher brush is in fact a lot smaller than a powder brush. The soft, full bristles are designed to give a natural sweep of colour on the cheeks as opposed to the flat, square brushes that come in many blusher compacts, which can create a “stripe” of colour on the cheeks.

Eyeshadow Brush:

The ideal brush for applying eyeshadow should be soft and short with a rounded tip. The rule of thumb, is the larger the area you want to cover, the larger the brush you should use. So if you are only applying eyeshadow to the outer corners of the eyes, then a smaller brush should be used than when applying colour to the whole eyelid. For this reason, every make-up bag should contain at least two different sized eyeshadow brushes.

Eyeliner Brush:

The extra fine tip of this brush creates a precise eyeliner application for liquid or gel liner. To achieve a perfect line, always work in short strokes as close to the base of the lashes as possible.  

Lip Brush:

With short, firm bristles and a sculpted tip, this brush will help achieve a flawless finish on the lips. A lip brush allows more control over the lip colour application than applying lipstick or gloss straight from the tube.

Now that you are comfortable with the different brushes available and their uses, happy make-uping everyone....

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