As a make-up artist with a make-up kit that is stocked with almost every professional product available and a range of colours that would make a rainbow look dull, I often get asked if I use these products on myself on a regular basis.

The answer is, “No, not at all. I have a much smaller make-up bag for personal use with my favourite products that work for me.”

As a busy mother of two, I’m particularly partial to products that multi-task and so my morning beauty/ make-up routine takes no more than 10 minutes...which is all the time I can spare for my face in between making breakfast and getting kids ready for school!

Garnier BB Cream

My routine begins with my Garnier BB Cream in Light. This is a great multi-purpose product as it is a moisturiser, primer and foundation all in one. The finish is very satiny and smooth and provides a light coverage that evens my skin tone and conceals minor redness and blemishes.

Garnier BB Cream can be found at most pharmacies and supermarkets

As my face tends to get a bit shiny in the T-zone area during the day, I like to set my BB cream with a loose powder from Yardley. This powder gives a nice soft finish to the skin and lasts all day.

Physicians Formula Shimmer Strips

I then use a Physicians Formula Shimmer Strips Bronzer in Sand Bronzer to add colour and definition to my cheeks and eyes. The Simmer Strips contain 5 shades from a dark bronze to a light highlighter which allows me to contour and highlight my cheeks, add blush and eye-shadow and all this with one product!

Physicians Formula Shimmer Strips Custom Bronzer, Blush & Eye Shadow is available from Dischem stores


For my eyes and brows, I am never without my Empro range of brow pencil, mascara and eye-liner! The brow pencil has an angled tip which allows for precision application and a handy brush on the other end to quickly brush the brows into shape.

I use the Black Diamond Liner to draw a fine line along the top of my lids, sweeping the ends up into a small flick, which helps to define and “open up” my eyes. This jet-black, smudge-proof and waterproof liner has an aerodynamic brush with a firm tip that glides on smoothly and stays put all day.

I coat my lashes with Empro Day & Night Mascara Generation III. This mascara has two options, lengthening or thickening and is Vitamin E enriched which strengthens fine lashes and never smudges.

Empro is distributed by Placecol Cosmetics (Pty) Ltd Customer Care 0861 11 22 22

Revlon Just Bitten Lip Stain

Lastly I use my Revlon Just Bitten Lip Stain in Dawn to add a natural tint to my lips, another great product that lasts for ages and has a lip balm on one end for dryer lips.

And that is my 10 minute morning beauty routine with my all time favourite products that keeps my face looking fresh all day!

Garnier BB Cream
Yardley Loose Powder
Physicians Formula Shimmer Strips
Empro Brow Pencil
Empro Mascara
Empro Black Eyeliner
Revlon Just Bitten